European Masters 2020 at Bennigsen/Hannover



You can register online through this website:

The rules of the World Skating Speedskating in the current version apply for this race.

Late entries on race day are not possible for the European Masters Marathon.

Personal safety:

Wearing a helmet is mandatory for all starters.

Further protective equipment is recommended.

Shower and change facilities:

Showers and changing rooms are available on site.

Beverages and food on race track:

There are no organized beverage stations along the race trace. It is therefore strongly recommended to all participants to bring their own drink. The hand out of drinks during competitions is not permitted in the 100 m section before and after the start / finish area, in order to avoid obstacles or hazards for other participants and soiling of the lanes in this area. Follow the instructions of the stewards/judges.

After the marathon, drinks and fruit are available to all participants.


Liability, event conditions:

By registering for the European Masters Marathon, I recognize the liability committee of the organizer for personal injury and property damage of any kind. The disclaimer also applies to accidents, lost clothing and other items. I will not make any claims against the organizer, its agents or delegates for damages and injuries of any kind that I may suffer in connection with participation in a run, other competitions and fringe events. This disclaimer also applies to the sponsors.

I declare that I am adequately trained to participate in this event, that I am healthy and that my medical condition has been confirmed. I agree to be taken out of the race as soon as I run the risk of damaging my health. The decision on it will be made by representatives of the organizer (doctor, emergency services, staff). I will respect their decisions and follow their instructions.

I am aware that I will be disqualified if I change the official bib number in any way.

I agree with the collection and storage of my data for the purpose of the event. I also agree with the fact that photos, videos, television recordings and audio interviews will be produced and published in connection with the event. The produced media may be used and distributed without remuneration. Jurisdiction is in Hannover, Germany.

Age divisions:

Under 40

Over 40

Over 50

Over 60

Over 70

Entry fee

Until 31.12.2019 the "Early Bird" is still valid:


The entry fees are staggered and from certain times the fees raise.

Phase 1:

till 31.12.2019 (

45€ entry fee

Phase 2:

From 01.01.2020 till 30.04.2010 (

55€ entry fee

Phase 3:

From 01.05.2020 till 30.08.2020 (

75€ entry fee

Exclusive racing jersey for the European Masters 2020

An exclusive racing jersey will be produced in small quantities for the European Master 2020.

The jersey can be ordered online at registration or via email:

Trikot Brust ansicht
Trikot Rücken ansicht

The Leine Hotel is the event hotel.

The Leine Hotel team will be holding a contingent of rooms for the European Masters 2020.

The hotel is located near the venue and has car and bus parking.

A special offer will be made for the European Masters Marathon 2020.


single room: 55,--€

double room: 66,--€

As a special offer, the Calenberger country breakfast is included in the room rate.

Free WiFi is available. Price incl. VAT.

The Leine Hotel has a relaxation area with a modern sauna.

Please tell the front desk if you wish to use the relaxation area and sauna.

The Leine Hotel team looks forward to your visit.

You can contact the hotel by e-mail or telephone to make your reservation.

Keyword: "EMM2020"


Telephone: +49 51 01 - 9 180

Race track

The start is 1400 meters in the direction of Gestorf.


The first lap is shortened by 1400m to reach a competition track for the marathon.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th lap have the entire distance of 10.9 km.

After the start the athletes pass through Gestorf village.

Here is the first big turn.

After Gestorf is passed, the route leads to Hüpede. Just before reaching Hüpede the track makes a turn in a second large curve and heads to Bennigsen.

Having reached Bennigsen the racetrack runs along the main roads. At the 3rd major intersection it makes a turn to the home straight.

400 meters to the finish the track has a small downhill passage.

A supply stand is built up approximately 300 meters behind the finishing line. It provides the athletes with water and fruits for refreshment.

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